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A nation that is saturated in wonder, wealth, imagination, industrious, honest, and hardworking people. From these fantastic times growing up as a young child; I usually look forward to college with great nostalgic feelings. I'll hang my college lamp carrier around my thin shoulders and joyfully obtain my pocket money of 50 kobos for each day. I'd judiciously save myself my day-to-day 50 kobo(s) within my constructed wooden box. After 30 days of 'sowing', I'd question my mother to please uncover the save yourself box as I waited patiently for my 'harvest';.You'd not think simply how much I have preserved, which was provided into three portions; one for a fresh shoe, the next for folktale history publications, and lastly for sweets. Trust children, I'd easily rush to the Mallam kiosk, to purchase for myself cubes of Chocomilo sweet around the residual stability can afford. Inform me just how many children of present-day might adopt my saving and spending lifestyle despite the over 100 percent inflation charge we are experiencing today?

Rising then was memorable, as the environment was relatively calm, pollution-free, steady power, and delicate traffic. My parents caused it to be a practice to travel home (village) as a family after every year to see our Grandparents and other relatives as it was fun embarking on such trips. Unlike nowadays, you've to psyche yourself for weeks and source the funds to attempt such a journey. Even while middle-class citizens, we will afford whatever we desire. Unfortuitously, the Nigerian program of governance has carefully killed the 'Middle Class' status. You may be wealthy or poor. However you are going to make it wealthy, no one cares. I am not expressing that individuals don't have a likelihood of a problem, crime, or canny habits in the 70s or 80s, but such misdeeds were performed in a tolerable and pardonable manner. Unfortuitously, the majority of us can not carry or excuse the sort of misdeeds we watch these days. Ranging from the big misappropriation of state funds by our Political company members and Civil servants, Damaged techniques by our Legislators, the senseless murder of innocent citizens by our 'trigger happy' policemen, and the constant bloodletting by numerous ethnic and religious groups in the country. Nigeria has been engulfed with terrorism works with little achievements by our security brokers in curbing the menace. However, we give kudos to the combined military causes in their recent efforts in tackling the security imbroglio of the Country. As a state, we ought to discover ways to live in unity, peace, and harmony.

Nigeria's freedom in 1960 noted a fresh skyline for the united states to determine himself in Africa and on the planet at large. Pathetically, our folk statesmen never imagined that the promising Nigeria of old can come to this terrible state. Would we blame the finding of gross fat in the late 60s as God's undoing? The Almighty author has lucky people therefore abundantly in both wealthy individual and natural assets to look after our needs. A Place like Malaysia came on a well-known fact locating quest to Nigeria in the 70s and went home with side kernels. It took them a whole lot to place, develop, and harness the bucks crop around time for you to be one of many highest exporters of side fat and side kernel fruits in the world. No wonder our friends are speeding over to Malaysia to carve a full-time income for themselves since the Place is way better equipped with infrastructures and amenities. What has happened to our Palm kernel, Cocoa, Groundnut, Coal, Material, Tin, etc? Only if our government can re-invest in a few of these naturals assets to an optimal degree of creation, this could lead to international exportations that could deliver excellent national revenue to the country. However, the sole excellent innovation we could offer nowadays in addition to the gross fat and Fuel is Cassava bread. Gets the bread reached the markets, as am however to truly have a bite? Kindly let's know wherever to acquire a loaf, who understands some international investors might be interested.  naija news

We're in a country wherever political company members are now being recycled throughout and around again. Have our people missed consciousness of the functions of Yester decades?  of September 18, 2012, and I estimate "Nigeria is the sole 'paradise' wherever sinners are empowered to produce Regulations, given to be Ministers, selected as Governors, appointed to be Judges, used to be Protection workers and force themselves as Presidents to the throne of our nation." If you think he is completed, then you require to hear that; "Nigeria is just a state wherever 'Saints' come in prisons while 'Sinners' come in paradise. 'Saints' are jobless in the streets, while 'Sinners' are experiencing in the 'Sanctuary';.Many apparently, the Nigerian people have learned their classes and are now making use of their gauntlet, determining who governs them by electing the proper candidate(s). Understand that the people's mandate moved the day within the last gubernatorial elections in Imo state by selling their tents with Owelle Rochas Okorocha on the incumbent and recently in the Edo state governorship elections that cut back Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in their September elections. Biblically speaking, we ought to realize that the style of the people may be the style of God.

I begin to see the Nigerian people have woken up from their sleep to perform and choose their leaders. What position may be the church or other worship places enjoying to mold a great leader to repair people from this problem of leadership? The Nigerian state, with around over 200 ethnic groups, has already been that lucky not to have plunged into yet another civil conflict despite all the failures and errors we are experiencing today, however, our therefore named leaders are ahead out with the proper solution. Individuals of other places could not understand our powerful unity in the center of insecurity and problem as we still begin our activities unabatedly. I have that consolation that such a thing that's a beginning no matter how bad will need to have an end. Whatever that's removed wrong in the Nigerian state, would be a point of yesteryear and the people would be better for it.

However, to do this triumph around stagnation, poverty, anarchy, unemployment, problem, depression, starvation, despair, insecurity, and such, we ought to confidence God Almighty for breakthroughs. Our excellent Master has affirmed to people in second Stories 16:9; "the Master keeps close view around the entire World, to give power to those whose hearts are loyal to him... " How powerful is our heart to keep on relying upon and thinking in Him? It is high time we started coming out from our covers of ignorance, claims, and despair to change lives in fixing our national problems. Nigeria wants excellent and visionary leadership in providing a sense of the way in achieving individual and collective goals that could help harness, control, utilize and deliver the limited assets to cater to the fundamental wants of the masses. Can we find a correct leader that could do the task of excellent governance lacking problems and selfish interest in that place? By doing your bit, the people (voice of God) might divinely recognize you to greatly help repair that quagmire we discover ourselves. That brings me to the words of Sidney Powell; "Make an effort to forget yourself in the support of others. For when we benefit the others, our efforts come back to bless us." Certainly, Nigeria requires a God-fearing, Visionary, Committed, and Charismatic leader(s) that could cause people to the promised land.

The Nigerian state should be a great paradise certainly and I am proud to be among their inhabitants. We have all that it requires to be one of the greatest developed and growing economies in the world. However, the first step of re-invigorating and reforming our people must certainly be through the Churches or Worship places since the situation may be. Let the Church(s) continue to repeat the National prayers; "Prayer for Nigeria in Distress" and "Prayer against Bribery and Corruption" to fight that impasse. It has worked for us in the past and it would presently because there is brilliant energy in prayers

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